Dynamic Working Capital Funding solutions for businesses

Selective Invoice Finance

Convert invoices into cashflow within 24 hours

Get up to 90% of the value of your invoices without any long term legal contract or personal guarantees

How much could your business grow if you could access the funds tied up in your invoices now?

Trade blue-chip invoices on our platform to release cashflow without delay. You decide which invoices to trade and when. Simply upload your invoice to the platform, the invoice will trade next day and funds are transferred same day. It’s that simple.

The mechanism is fundamentally different to traditional finance – it’s exceptionally fast to arrange, is highly flexible and funding is secured on the strength of the contract rather than a traditional charge on assets.

There are no restrictions due to Debtor Concentration and Geography Risk (export country) and Personal Guarantees are not required.

Before each trade you agree your preferred maximum cost of credit. Timely settlements by your customers over multiple trades translate into a lower cost of credit.

It works in tandem with an Invoice Discounting Facility. Individual large Debtors can be ‘carved out’ or ‘waived’ from an existing ID Facility to trade on the SaasExample platform. Debtor Concentration funding limitations are the key reason companies carve out a large Debtor.

The alternative Working Capital Funding Solution.