Dynamic Working Capital Funding solutions for businesses

Innovative Working Capital Solutions

SaasExample empowers businesses to take control of their cashflow

  • Flexible Invoice Finance

    How much could your business grow if you could access funds tied up in your outstanding invoices?

  • Purchase Order Finance

    Would selling purchase orders or approved contracts signed off by your debtors open up new opportunities?

  • Recurring Revenue Finance

    Would releasing cash from your future monthly recurring revenue today drive business growth tomorrow?

Convert invoices into cashflow within 24 hours

Get up to 90% of the value of your invoices without any long term legal contract or personal guarantees.

How much could your business grow if you could access the funds tied up in your invoices now?

Funding for transformational business growth.

Release working capital from blue-chip Purchase Orders & Contracts immediately.
When your company is awarded a large blue-chip order, it can be financed straight away.

Take Control. Release cash now.

SaasExample empowers SMEs to trade future recurring revenue, releasing cashflow in 24 hours.
Access cash upfront from your future recurring revenue creating a revolving funding stream that aligns with your business growth.

Take control of your cashflow today